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A Detailed Guide On BET365 Cricket odds

This means, whenever you win a bet all you have to do is multiply your wager amount with the odds to calculate your winnings from that match. Another case, suppose you bet 200 rupees on Australia to win the match at 2.2, and Australia actually wins the match, then you will get 200*2.2=484 rupees back. So, this is how bets work and especially how bet365 live cricket odds work.

Bet365 Cricket Odds Explained: Definitive Guide 🇮🇳 New 2021

Bet365 cricket odds explained: Definitive guide. In the simplest terms, odds can be seen as how probable the bookmaker thinks that an event is to occur. Let’s take an easy example of a match between India and England. When you go to the bet365 website or app to bet on the match, you may see the odds displayed next to the teams.

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All you do is take 100% and divide that by the probability of an outcome. For example, say the outcome is 50%. You’d do this: 100% (total) / 50% (this outcome) = 2.0. Let’s look at one more example…. Say the probability to win is 65%. The math would look like this: 100/65 = 1.54.

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The website features the Bet365 cricket odds in decimals but it can be changed into fractions as per your convenience. So whichever method you choose to go with, you will make 1.5x times the amount of your bet. All in all, understanding the Bet365 cricket odds is important to make the most of your bet365 cricket bet.

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Let us say you have bet INR 2000 to win. That means. 2000 x 1.67= 3340. Your total profit would be the returns minus the bet you place. Thus, the profit, in this case, will be INR 3340 – 2000 = INR 1340. Therefore, if you want to get higher returns on your stake, you need to understand cricket betting odds.

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Cricket Betting Odds Explained. As prospective online cricket bettors probably know, they must first open an account with a betting site and fund it, before they can make a selection and place a bet. As you are about to place the bet, you will see a display of betting odds for cricket, such as the following one from 10Cric, a reputed betting site: The chart above is a display of odds offered on some ICC World Cup matches.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

Cricket Betting Odds Explained It is very important to understand how to use the odds to place winning and profitable bets and how cricket betting works in India. Since your winnings depend on the odds, you need to find the most profitable offer to get more money.

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In short, the published cricket betting odds will tell you that this team is the odds on favorite to win the match. Also, the cricket betting odds will tell you about your potential payout. When you wager INR 1,000 on the Mumbai Indians to win the match, the potential payout is calculated at INR 1,540.