Representative image. (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Representative image. (Photo Credit - Reuters)

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tennis summer camp bethesda | Updated: Nov 07, 2021 00:27 IST

Ankara [Turkey], November 7 (tennis summer camp bethesda): The Turkish border forces on Saturday detained 149 Afghan migrants along its border with Iran while one individual was arrested on charges of trafficking migrants.
Turkey has recently intensified security measures to prevent a new wave of migrants to its soil, reported Tolo News.
Human rights watchdogs expressed concern over the dire state of the Afghan migrants along the country's border.
According to reports, the Afghan migrants have been struggling with fierce challenges along the borders of neighbouring, regional and other countries after the Taliban took control of the nation, reported Tolo News.
"We call on the regional and world countries--if (you) don't give us a hand and don't provide assistance for the migrants, don't take actions which are in contrast with the international law," said Lal Gul Lal, head of the Afghanistan Human Rights Organization.

A video went viral on social media showing human traffickers treating migrants poorly.
"Unfortunately, the regional countries have violent behaviour with the Afghan migrants," said Farddin Fedayee, a civil rights activist.
With the fall of the former government, a great number of Afghans have sought to either legally or illegally flee the country.
"We urge the world to support Afghanistan, thus the people will overcome the economic problems and no one will be forced to flee the country and cause another wave of migrants to flow," said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.
A human rights group earlier in a report blamed Turkey for violation of international law regarding the migrants. The report said that the Turkish forces had beaten Afghan migrants, reported Tolo News. (tennis summer camp bethesda)